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Subject: Line numbering ordinary text, not just 'verbatim environments'


I need to include line numbers for all the text in a document (so
that reviewers can comment on specific parts of the document with
precise references, without having to manually count line offsets
from the nearest section label, etc). This is for PDF rendering.

I found the "line numbering extensions" but I understand that it
only applies to 'verbatim environments', which the documentation
describes as 'address, literallayout, programlisting, screen,

Before I start customizing the stylesheets, is there a mechanism
for this already?


PS. Or to put it another way, I am looking for something like Microsoft
Word's line numbering feature, but better, in that ideally table lines
would also be numbered (which they are not in Word).

PPS. Either restarting numbering with a page, or continuous from the
start would be fine for my use case.

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