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Subject: Thanks!

Hi, gang.

I just joined this list, and I wanted to start off by offering
a HUGE thanks to everyone who maintains the DocBook Stylesheets
and the related resources.

We have been using them where I work for years, and we would
not be able to do the things we've done without them! Over the
years, I've been asked to do some things that I was not sure would
be possible, but the stylesheets have provided a terrific basis for
a bunch of crazy things.

So thanks!

We are just finishing up a project to move some large documents
we produced as Microsoft Help (CHM) output to the Webhelp format.
We've been trying to replace MSHelp (the compiler is getting harder
and harder to keep running), but were having no luck finding a suitable
replacement, until we stumbled on the Webhelp transforms.

We did run into some non-trivial issues and ended up doing a fair
amount of work to get what we wanted, but we got very close
to our wishlist, and it wouldn't have been possible without the
Webhelp transforms. So thanks again.

I didn't want to dump a long list of the issues we had and
how we dealt with them, but if anyone is interested, I'd be
happy to describe them (and send a screen shot of what we
ended up with). Some of it might be useful or informative
in relation to a few of the bug/issue reports I've seen on them,
but I don't want to offer unsolicited input.

Thanks again! You guys rock!

-- Mary Tabasko

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