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docbook message

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Subject: Moving down the title block on titlepage

Hello list,

i'm using docbook with publican and customized xsl stylesheets. My used stylesheets are placed in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sascha-manns-h/+junk/publican-xcom/files/head:/xsl/.
The pdf.xsl is the mainfile like docbook.xsl.
Inside "book.titlepage.recto" i have placed a <xsl:call-template name="company.logo"/> which places my company logo on the titlepage. The pdf.xsl is the original one from publican and xcom.customized.xsl are my customizing stylesheet. Actually i have the problem, that the titleblock is too close to the company logo. So i would like to place it in the middle of the site.

Maybe anyone can help me to fix this?

Yours sincerly

Sascha Manns

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