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Subject: Glossary linking not working as expected

Dear all,

I've managed to set up conversion of my DocBook 4.5 documents to HTML via the XSL scripts 1.78.1. My XSLT parser is Saxon 6.5.5 using Java on Ubuntu 11.10 (1.6.0_27 with OpenJDK).

However, using a glossary database results in the error (and no cross reference is set up):
  Error: no ID for constraint linkend: gloss.qnx

I've followed as best I can tell, http://www.sagehill.net/docbookxsl/GlossDatabase.html#LinksGlossCollection

I have in my "book" the text:
 <glossterm linkend="gloss.qnx">QNX</glossterm>
and at the end I have:
  <glossary role="auto">
      <title>Dummy Glossdiv</title>
        <glossterm>Dummy Glossary Entry</glossterm>
          <para>This text should never appear</para>

In my glossary.xml I have the entry:
  <glossentry id="gloss.qnx">
      <para>A Microkernel from QNX Software Systems.</para>

I'm building on Linux and have set the parameter:
java -cp ... com.icl.saxon.StyleSheet -o out.html in.html mycfg.xsl glossary.collection=/home/user/glossary.xml

At the end of the build, the term is in italics, and my book contains the glossary entry, but there is no link. This tells me that the parameter is correct (else the glossary should be empty) and that the conversion has reverted back to using the glossterm, not the linkend to the id in the external glossary database.

Putting the glossary.collection term in my config XSL doesn't work either.

How can I get a glossary database working so that linking works as expected? And on a lesser note, when I get that working, how do I change the default behaviour so that the link is not italics?

Thanks & Best Regards,

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