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Subject: Re: [docbook] Easiest way to define ProductName variable?

Hi, Mary.

The profiling chapter provides great information, but I was initially missing a simple use case for implementing a ProductName variable, which appears  in our XML source as: &ProductName;

The part I was missing was putting the ProductName entity in the header of our XML files (after <?xml version.. and the DocBook schema declarations) as follows:

<!DOCTYPE section [
<!ENTITY ProductName '<phrase condition="Mobile">Mobile-specific Product</phrase><phrase condition="Buyer">Buyer-specific Product</phrase><phrase condition="Seller">Seller-specific Product</phrase>'>

We then indicate the desired product name condition in our oXygen transform scenario by setting the profile.condition parameter to a one of our condition values, such as Mobile. Once the transform then replaces &ProductName; with the desired product name for the target help system.

We also show or hide any product-specific content using audience attributes, such as <para audience="seller"> and then set the profile.audience parameter in our oXygen transform scenario to the desired value.

Perhaps others on this list can let us know a better approach.


--Jared Crawford
Pasadena CA USA

On Friday, January 23, 2015 1:57 PM, Barton Wright <ordinant@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Mary,

The keyword you’re looking for is profiling. See

Best of luck with DocBook. Ask anything anytime.

> I'm brand new to docbooks, having inherited it through this job I started. Now that I have my build scripts working, I'm in good shape, except that I've not yet figured out how best to achieve this simple goal: create a variable (such as ProductName) that can resolve to one of several values based on whether it's a corporate or an OEM build target.
> I must not be searching on the correct words to find out how this is typically done!
> Gratefully,
> Mary

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