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Subject: LaTeX math inside docbook, on-the-fly MathML conversion?

I am looking for a possibility to include LaTeX formulas inside a docbook document. These formulas should be interpreted on the fly to MathML, when the document is processed into PDF or HTML format. (For example using LatexML, which does a good job in translating LaTeX to MathML).

The reason is that I want to combine the flexibility of docbook with the ease of typing math in LaTeX. (MathML and any graphical formula editors are extremely time consuming for complex formulas.)

My idea is to include some <latexmath> element in a document like

<latexmath>\sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac 1 n</latexmath> is divergent.

This element should be translated to MathML during processing - either as a preprocessing step or using xslt commands if possible.

Can this be done? Or do I have to parse my documents, find all <latexmath> elements, process their contents with LatexML and write the MathML output back into the document?

Thank you

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