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Subject: Re: [docbook] Too Strict Content Model for abstract?

Hi Thomas

On 03/02/15 12:55, Thomas Schraitle wrote:

> Let's assume, you have written a nice tutorial or howto and have the
> following summary in mind:
>     In this chapter we learn:
>     * how to download the xyz tool
>     * how to configure and compile xyz
>     * how to install xyz on your computer

<itemizedlist> is allowed in <para>. So you could have:

       <para>In this chapter we learn:
              <para>how to download the xyz tool</para>
              <para>how to configure and compile xyz</para>
              <para>how to install xyz on your computer</para>

The DocBook documentation warns,

> Some processing systems may find the presence of block elements in a paragraph difficult to handle.


Simon Dew

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