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Subject: Introduction

Dear all docbook-list members,

I'm a XML user but a newbie with docbook.
I'm the webmaster in Optique Unterlinden, the most important shop of telescopes and astronomy accessories in France. I have created our online store few years ago using XML to format the product sheets (with our own little DTD). Now the shop is growing and I would like to use a more serious XML format like DocBook ; we have a lot of products and a lot of output documents to manage (product sheets or instruction manuals in HTML, PDF, etc.). It becomes a nightmare.

So, I have 2 questions :
- Should I use DocBook for product sheets AND instruction manuals ? Should I use a more "task-oriented" format like DITA for instruction manuals and use DocBook only for product sheets ? - Is there any existing DocBook product sheet template that I could reuse or should I create my own one ?

Thank you

Vincent Bouttard
Optique Unterlinden

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