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Subject: DocBook 5: Removing XLinks for Block Elements?


after playing around with some DocBook 5 customization, I'm a little
bit stuck in regards to XLink customization. 
Is there an easy way to remove XLink attributes for all block elements
only, but leave it there for inline elements? I fear I have to redefine
all(?) patterns for block elements. 

Obviously, this solution just removes *all* XLink attributes:

include "db51cr3/docbook.rnc"
   db.xlink.attributes = empty

After digging deeper, a common pattern for a DocBook element definition
uses db.common.attributes. Would it make sense to distinguish between
a block and inline elements at this level?

We could define a db.common.block.attributes and a
db.common.inline.attributes pattern to make customization easier.
Bascially it is the same, but it would allow developers to customize
just inline or block elements in one fell swoop. I guess, there are
other use cases not only for XLink attributes. :)

What do you think? Is this possible? Useful?

    Thomas Schraitle

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