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Subject: Re: [docbook] bookinfo author blog URLs

On 29/05/15 00:55, Richard Hamilton wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> In DocBook 5.x, the <author> element allows <uri> as a sub-element. The <uri> element has a type attribute, which doesn't have a mandated value, but it is there to let you define the type of uri, and there are some suggestions in the Definitive Guide: for example weblog, webpage, etc.
> Here is a link to that page for DocBook 5.0: http://docbook.org/tdg5/en/html/author.html
> In DocBook 4.x, <author> doesn't have the <uri> element, so you probably need to hijack another element. You might try <authorblurb>, which allows <para> or <simpara> as child elements. Starting with DocBook 4.3, either <para> or <simpara> will allow <uri> as a child element.
> I hope that helps.

Hi Dick,

Thanks for that feedback, I had been looking at:


but I am happy to just use DocBook 5.0 so I'll take more care to avoid
the older versions of these pages.

Would you know if the XSL scripts (I'm using the docbook-xsl package on
Debian, v1.78.1+dfsg-1) is supposed to render this element?  In the link
you provided, it says "does not automatically generate a link to the URI
it identifies" and I was hoping to find some way to make the author's
name appear as a hyperlink.



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