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Subject: docbook to RSS

I'm wanting to write release notes for our product in docbook. We already have very successful docbook tooling around the manual, so it makes sense to pull this in as well.

My goals are to create nice looking webpages (here is our existing docbook output [1]) and also a RSS feed. So I was thinking that semantically it would be preferable to not just have sections/chapters, but something that we could transform to RSS more precisely.

I looked at the <revision> element, but <revdescription> doesn't support sections, subheadings, etc. and by default <revision> all wants to print on the title page, doesn't generate TOC, etc. So I'd have a lot of customising to do.

* Has anyone tried to do this?

* What is the current state of <revision> for the purpose of versioning things other than the docbook content itself?

* Is there any XSLT for creating RSS from docbook content? I see something in the docbook-website project but the sourceforge pages are down and I don't really understand how docbook-website works.

* how does the docbook project itself produce release notes?

Thanks for any help
Ari Maniatis

[1] http://www.ish.com.au/s/onCourse/doc/latest/manual/

Aristedes Maniatis
Level 1, 30 Wilson Street Newtown 2042 Australia
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