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Subject: Re: [docbook] docbook to RSS

On 18/07/2015 11:37pm, David Cramer wrote:
> Here's an xslt that turns revhistory to an atom feed in webhelp output:
> https://github.com/stackforge/clouddocs-maven-plugin/blob/master/src/main/resources/cloud/webhelp/revhistory2atom.xsl

On 19/07/2015 1:25am, Gerard Nicol wrote:
> Here you go.
> https://github.com/gazillabyte/changelog.git

Thank you to both of you for your ideas. In the end, I'll probably go a different way.

1. I don't need the performance of C to do this on the fly
2. revhistory is too limiting in terms of styling and not being able to embed sections within that history

But both your ideas have given me clarity for how to approach this. I'll probably stick to regular docbook, but enhance the schema with some additional elements and attributes. And then use something like David's xslt to generate the RSS output.

I'm researching at the moment how to extend docbook's schema so I can add additional semantic information about versioning within sections. Not the limited docbook concept of revhistory, but something more appropriate to my needs.


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