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Subject: RE: [docbook] Generic GUI component element

My team uses only "guilabel".



From: Peter Lavin [mailto:lavin.peter@gmail.com]
Sent: 2016-02-04 6:18 AM
To: Anders Svensson
Cc: docbook@lists oasis-open. org
Subject: Re: [docbook] Generic GUI component element


Using only guilabel sounds sensible to me.

I've used DocBook for years and only ever found a need for guibutton, guimenu and guilabel.

Excuse brevity. Sent from mobile device.

On Feb 4, 2016 8:51 AM, "Anders Svensson" <anders.svensson@paligo.se> wrote:



I'm wondering what would be the recommended best practice for a GUI component element in DocBook?


I know there are a number of different elements for GUI components, like guilabel, guiicon, guibutton, etc. The problem is, it's too specific. In most cases I see there is a wish to mark up GUI components to tag them semantically, but usually just one generic GUI component element rather than specifying exactly what kind of GUI component.


But I'm having trouble finding such an element, and I suspect there just isn't one. In the use cases I'm referring to it will be considered too laborious to have to specify exactly if it is a button or an icon, etc.


So what would be the recommended practice for marking up any kind of GUI element, whether a button, icon or whatever? The best I can think of is if you still don't need the specific variants is to select "guilabel" as the most generically named one, and probably the one there is the least use for even if you were to use it in its specific meaning.


Is that a good idea or does anyone have any other suggestions? (Apart from something like a phrase with role="guicomponent" or the like, which I know would always be a generic option)


Kind regards,


Anders Svensson


CEO, Paligo


Anders Svensson | Paligo AB | anders.svensson@paligo.se 

Sankt Eriksgatan 117 | 113 43 Stockholm | Phone: +46 70 815 99 02 


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