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Subject: DocBook Transclusion: Allow "prefix" in trans:idfixup?


the "DocBook Transclusion" paper[1] defines some attributes
(trans:idfixup, trans:suffix, and trans:linkscope) which are used for
ID fixup in an (x)included XML document.

The trans:idfixup can only have one of the values "none", "suffix", or
"auto" (see B.5 "Manually assigned suffix"[2] for a more exhaustive

That's all nice and dandy. ;) However, the keyword of "suffix" place the
value of trans:suffix *after*. For example:

  <xi:include href="x.xml" 

With the above trans attributes, a former ID "foo" is rewritten as
"foo_bar_". However, I would like to get the opposite ("_bar_foo").

I guess there is no solution with the current spec, right?

Can we extend the spec to allow the value "prefix" in trans:suffix?

[1] http://docbook.org/docs/transclusion/
[2] http://docbook.org/docs/transclusion/#ex.9

    Thomas Schraitle

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