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Subject: Re: [docbook] Tables

On 5 August 2016 22:16:33 "Forsyth, Emily B." <emily.forsyth@swri.org> wrote:

I'm working on a large document (423 pages from Word). We have many tables in this document. How can I prevent a row from breaking in the middle and carrying forth onto the next page? This is information that should be kept together.

What are you using to format the output? (HTML/CSS, LaTeX, XSL:FO, or something else like InDesign or FrameMaker?)

Most systems have controls or parameters for keeping material together (as Bob describes) but the problem of a table not fitting where it falls on a page (and creating unwanted space where it won't fit) can only be solved either by moving it in the code so that it occurs earlier or later, or by using a system that does this automatically (eg LaTeX's floating mechanism).


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