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Subject: Meeting Minutes 18 August 2016 (no meeting, but action status updated)

The DocBook TC failed to reach quorum at its August 17, 2016, meeting.
All business has been postponed until next month’s meeting, which is 21 September.

The following open action items were completed or had progress reported since last month:

ACTION: Bob to investigate assembly for XInclude equivalents.
STATUS: Bob sent email to the TC:

ACTION: Scott will verify that the items accepted for Publisher's 1.1 are represented in a schema, make that schema available, and respond to the email.
STATUS: Scott verified the missing version, but could not find the source files. He will re-create them, but it will take some time.

ACTION: Jirka will contact Norm about transitioning the DocBook schema files so that he can make edits to them as we proceed with changes beyond version 5.1.
STATUS: Jirka is sorting out access issues on docbook.org, but he expects to complete this action before the September meeting. Here is Jirka’s message:

Best regards,
Richard Hamilton

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