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Subject: Re: [docbook] The docbook.sourceforge.net site appears to be down

On 2017-09-26 17:11, twheeler was heard to say:
I'm using docbook-slides, whose stylesheets import a docbook.xsl file on the
docbook.sourceforge.net site. I noticed this morning that I can't build
slides, and it seems that's because the docbook.sourceforge.net site is

If this is a known issue, is there an ETA on when it might be available
again? My recollection of Sourceforge is that <projectname>.sourceforge.net
sites aren't hosted or managed by SourceForge, but just use a record in
SourceForge's DNS to point to a site managed by the project maintainers. DNS seems to resolve correctly, but I get "connection reset by peer" errors when trying to connect to the website there (consistently, from multiple networks
in the US). If there's a better place than here to report this outage,
please let me know.

Unfortunately, the cdn.docbook.org site doesn't seem to have the same
version of the docbook.xsl file (referenced by the stylesheets) as the one on docbook.sourceforge.net, so it doesn't seem like a simple workaround is
likely for me.


if you have installed the DocBook stylesheets locally, you should be able to use a local copy of docbook.xsl by fiddling with your XML catalog. See chapter 5 of Bob Stayton's manual:



Markus Hoenicka
AQ score 38

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