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Subject: Re: [docbook] Status of Extended XLinks (1:n Relationships)?


Am Samstag, 25. November 2017, 15:37:06 CET schrieb Dave Pawson:
> HTML display? Is there any convention on 1:n link display?

I don't know. Probably not. :-)

HTML is important, but we shouldn't limit ourselves to just this format. There 
are many others.

Before we can discuss the presentation, shouldn't we discuss the markup first? 
There are so many possibilities.

Maybe we can learn from DITA? How does DITA solves this?

> Useful... but would need to be understood?

Yes, it needs understood first. That's why I've added the first list item 
("Decide on a markup how to express 1:n relationships"). :)

> [...]

  Thomas Schraitle

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