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Subject: Re: [docbook] DTD from extended RNC

On 2018-05-21 08:17, Dave Pawson wrote:
   Anything you can do with a DTD you can do with rng/rnc.

But surely not in the opposite direction, correct? Which is presumably why trang is complaining.

FWIW, we had an analogous problem: we want to produce PDFs from XML documents about linguistics. We chose DocBook as the base, and got rid of a ton of things in the RNG/RNC that were irrelevant to our use case, then added a few that we needed for linguistics. The authors of our linguistics books use XMLmind (XXE), which I see someone else suggested. But you prefer to stay with emacs, which is understandable. I myself use a programmer's editor, but it doesn't do any schema validation (it does check for well-formed XML); so I post-validate against the schema.

BTW, we looked into the usual XML-to-PDF via XSL stylesheets, and decided they were not sufficient for our needs (right-to-left scripts embedded in left-to-right text, complex scripts,...). Instead we use dblatex (not to be confused with the older db2latex), which as the name suggests produces a latex format, then use (xe)latex to produce the PDF. This of course also needed modifications for our linguistic use case.

   Mike Maxwell
   University of Maryland

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