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Subject: Re: [docbook] DTD from extended RNC

On 21/05/18 16:27, N. Raghavendra wrote:
> Regarding a DTD for my extended schema, I have a few queries:
> 1. How difficult is it to start with a DocBook XML DTD, and extend it by
> adding the elements I had mentioned, to get a new XML DTD?

If you don't mind creating a rather more difficult-to-maintain DTD, you
can always take an existing DTD and edit it by hand. Cumbersome but

> 2. Is it possible to get a DTD for 5.1? 

It does claim that the TC provides this.

> 3. Is it important to use an editor that understands RELAX NG?

Personally, I'd say yes: a decent XML editor would understand RNG/RNC,
W3C Schemas, and DTDs.

But IMNSHO it is just as important that you pick an editor whose
interface you feel comfortable with. I you're going to be using an
editor for a long time (maybe the rest of your life), you need to pick
something usable. Read Michael Sperberg-McQueen's very excellent advice
at http://latex.silmaril.ie/formattinginformation/editdis.html#mcqueen


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