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Subject: Re: [docbook] DTD from extended RNC

On 21/05/18 17:08, Dave Pawson wrote:
>> does not seem to have an XML DTD.
> DTD is yesterdays tool?

Life in the old dog yet.

>> 3. Is it important to use an editor that understands RELAX NG?
> I think so. YMMV?
> Sorry, many of us moved to RNG/C a long time ago, as a much better
> tool for more complex schemas?

Dave, please don't confuse the schema modelling language with the editor
used for the instance. RNG/C is unquestionably the best tool for
modelling schemas, complex or otherwise.

But it isn't supported yet by enough editors, and — critically — IFF
your model does not require schema-like features like hard datatyping,
there should be nothing to stop you using a DTD if the editor you prefer
only supports DTDs, and all the features you need can be represented in
a DTD. It's a stopgap.

In an ideal world, nxml would have a proper interface toolset, suitable
for *authors*, and we could then lay DTDs to rest somewhere quiet and


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