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Subject: Help needed with screeninfo and informaltable in docbook5

Good Morning!
I need your support again on two points where I am not getting further.
At the moment I converting the darktable documentation from docbook4 to docbook5
A first preliminary result can be seen here.
1.) In some xml-files I have a screenshot element with an screeninfo element.
For the docbook5 adaptation I changed this as follows, but I'm not sure if this is correct.
      <screeninfo>The map view</screeninfo>
      <graphic fileref="images/map_view.png" scalefit="1" width="80%"></graphic>

docbook5 apaption:
            The map view
            <imagedata fileref="images/map_view.png" scalefit="1" width="80%" />

2.) My second Problem is that emacs mark "width" in an informaltable as non valid. 
  <informaltable frame="none"  width="80%"> 
How do I change this to make it docbook5 compliant?
Thank you for your answers!

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