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Subject: Re: [docbook] Inline address components

If you want to avoid extending DocBook with, for example, RDFa, you could use @role, as you suggested, or maybe @remap. Some people might object to this slight misappropriation of @remap, which is described as "Provides the name or similar semantic identifier assigned to the content in some /previous/ markup scheme.". We are talking about semantic identifiers in the /same/ markup scheme, and these identifiers (city, country, â) are not allowed at the location where youâd use @remap. <phrase remap="city">Edinburgh</phrase> looks Ok to me, but, as with @role, the semantics of its content is not prima facie clear to human or machine consumers of you XML. Therefore, if itâs your private data and your private processing tool, you could use @role as well. Sometimes @role will be used for conveying other information. So you if you sometimes use @role also for other purposes, such as providing rendering hints, you might revert to @remap in order to avoid space-separated keywords within @role. (As an aside, if a city is always to be rendered with small-caps, there is no need for <phrase role="small-caps city">Edinburgh</phrase>, an appropriate styling for role="city" will be sufficient.)


On 18.10.2018 10:16, Peter Fleck wrote:
If I have some text like this:

<para>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,*Edinburgh*  consectetur adipiscing*Scotland*  elit. Aenean eu finibus sapien.</para>

And I want to mark it up with semantic information for items like <country> or <city> etc and not be displayed âverbatimâ, to validate I currently would need to put them in address:

<para>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,*<address><city>Edinburgh</city></address>*  consectetur adipiscing*<address><country>Scotland</country></address>*  elit. Aenean eu finibus sapien.</para>

For me, this context is not an address but I still want the semantic of <city> etc. Does it make sense to allow <address> children to be a child of <para> as well? Or should I mark this type of semantic information differently? For example, <phrase role="city">Edinburgh</phrase>?

<para>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,*<city>Edinburgh</city> *consectetur adipiscing*<country>Scotland</country>*  elit. Aenean eu finibus sapien.</para>


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