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Subject: Comprehensive list of character entities [was Re: [docbook] Invalid links on page]


thanks to all four for replying and providing pointers to useful information.

On Mon, Jan 07, 2019 at 08:22:56AM +0000, Peter Flynn wrote:

Better still, if you have control of the origination, is to use UTF-8
character encoding and XeLaTeX, avoid character entity references
entirely (except for & of course).

Your remark made me think of something: does there exist a clever program that
parses LaTeX code and replaces all $\mu$ occurrences (and such) into their
corresponding actual Unicode code so that these letters show properly when the
document is opened in an Unicode-capable terminal (I use vim)? That might well
be a solution to at least handle the situationr: going through the character
selection process for each one is pedestrian!



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