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Subject: Re: [docbook] Multiple reference citations

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the suggestion. The âcitation with mixed biblioref contentâ is a bit too loose for our purposes IMHO. Of course we could use a role attribute on citation to tell a renderer that only the contained biblioref/@linkends should be collected in order to fill a \cite{ref1,ref2,ref3} macro in LaTeX, and all other text should be ignored in the citation element.

We went for âallow @linkends everywhere where @linkend is allowedâ in our customization [1].


[1] https://github.com/le-tex/Hub/commit/aa7fbba6

On 22.01.2019 13:38, Thomas Schraitle wrote:
Hi Gerrit,

Am Tue, 22 Jan 2019 11:21:19 +0100
schrieb "Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex" <gerrit.imsieke@le-tex.de>:

Is there a canonical way to cite multiple references, as can be done
in LaTeX using the cite and other packages [1]?

In one customization we allowed @linkends on biblioref.

Example: <biblioref linkends="ref1 ref2 ref3 ref6"/> â [1â3,6]

Unfortunately, there is no linkend_s_ (plural), only linkend (singular).

We are inclined to keep it like that and to use it in other
customizations. But maybe thereâs a standard way that I am not aware

This is not a question about the DocBook stylesheets but just on how
to mark it up appropriately.

Not sure if this is what you need, but have you tried <citation>?

    See <citation><biblioref
       linkend="ref1"/>, <biblioref

The stylesheets create this output:

   See [1, 2].

Be careful about whitespaces inside <citation>; I think, they are

However, if I'm not mistaken, the stylesheets cannot accumulate
citations to 1, 2, and 3 and create 1-3.

Gerrit Imsieke
GeschÃftsfÃhrer / Managing Director
le-tex publishing services GmbH
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Phone +49 341 355356 110, Fax +49 341 355356 510
gerrit.imsieke@le-tex.de, http://www.le-tex.de

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Gerrit Imsieke, Svea Jelonek, Thomas Schmidt

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