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Subject: RE: [docbook] Experimental XSLT for transforming oXygen change markup in DocBook docs into DocBook

Hi Gerrit,

I will try to test the transformation below when I have time, but in the meantime, I believe the issue with the FO scenario in Oxygen XML to render track changes, is related to Saxon. I did some testing in this area a few years ago, the extension /saxon:parse/ is used in both review-utils.xsl and  review-pis-to-elements-core.xsl and this extension requires a Saxon PE/EE licence.  



-----Original Message-----
From: Imsieke, Gerrit, le-tex <gerrit.imsieke@le-tex.de> 
Sent: 17 August 2020 21:21
To: oxygen-user@oxygenxml.com; docbook@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [docbook] Experimental XSLT for transforming oXygen change markup in DocBook docs into DocBook

Apologies for cross-posting. Please think about whether the answer is most relevant to only one of both mailings lists before replying to both.

I recently wanted to render a large book (DocBook 5.1) that was copy-edited in oXygen author mode and that contained the corresponding processing instructions, and I wanted to render it with the Ant-based FO scenario that displays changes. But for some reason that I could not really fathom, neither this FOP scenario nor the default PDF rendering scenario produced results, with different error messages. Increasing oXygenâs or Antâs heap space to insane amounts didnât improve the situation.

Anyway, I didnât need a PDF; HTML would be fine, too, so I decided to add an oXygen change markup renderer to Normâs brand new xslTNG stylesheets, https://github.com/docbook/xslTNG

Thereâs a pull request to xslTNG where I asked Norm to merge it into xslTNG (https://github.com/docbook/xslTNG/pull/67). But since it has been hardly tested on many documents, Norm is hesitant to merge it, and Iâd like to collect some user feedback first.

Iâd like to ask you to test it on your DocBook files that have been enhanced with change markup in oXygenâs author mode. The patched renderer is at https://github.com/gimsieke/xslTNG/tree/oxy-markup. You probably need Gradle or something to build it yourself, but you can use the latest release (https://github.com/docbook/xslTNG/releases) and replace the changed files (https://github.com/docbook/xslTNG/pull/67/files).

Or you can just run the stylesheet
standalone, render the resulting DocBook to HTML and define the CSS classes .oxy_insert and .oxy_delete to naybe color:green and color:red, respectively.

Please let me know whether it works in principle or whether there are bugs or missing features. Also whether thereâs already another stylesheet somewhere in place that is supposed to render the oXygen change markup PIs.


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