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Subject: Term DTD vs Schema in "DocBook V5.x XML DTD"


this is maybe just a minor thing, but I think it might be confusing. It draws 
the wrong pictures and search engines might return wrong expectations. It's 
about naming.

The URL https://docbook.org/xml/5.1/ (and other versions) contains the 
following title:

  DocBook V5.1 XML DTD

In my humble opinion, this is not entirely correct. ;) People could think it's 
about DTD ONLY. However, version 5.1 don't have a DTD anymore. It may work for 
version 5.0, but not for 5.1 and up.

Additionally, even if we had a DTD for all versions, this wouldn't work 
either. We have several, different schemas: DTD, RNG, SCH, NVDL, and XSD (5.0 
only). So I politely ask, if we could change that to a better term? What 

  DocBook V5.x XML Schemas

Would that work? :) Thanks!

  Thomas Schraitle

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