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Subject: Re: [docbook] Catalog and <uri/>: Is this the right thing?

Thomas Schraitle <tom_schr@web.de> writes:
> Should we reconsider the entries in the catalog to avoid such problems? Or do 
> I miss something?
> Thoughts? Thanks! :)

System and public identifiers are part of the entity declarations in XML
(and SGML before it). The system and public catalog entries are designed
to be interrogated by the XML parser while itâs parsing XML.

Thatâs not what RELAX NG Grammars, XML Schemas, XSLT stylesheets, XProc
pipelines, etc. are. I have some sympathy for the idea that creating
bogus entries in the catalog would make some tools happier, but I think
it would be better if the tools were fixed.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Tovey-Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>

> Another month ends. All targets met. All systems working. All customers
> satisfied. All staff eager and enthusiastic. All pigs fed and ready for
> take off.

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