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Subject: Re: [docbook] Catalog and <uri/>: Is this the right thing?


On Freitag, 28. August 2020 09:06:06 CEST Norm Tovey-Walsh wrote:
> [... <uri/> vs <system/> ...]
> System and public identifiers are part of the entity declarations in XML
> (and SGML before it). The system and public catalog entries are designed
> to be interrogated by the XML parser while itâs parsing XML.
> Thatâs not what RELAX NG Grammars, XML Schemas, XSLT stylesheets, XProc
> pipelines, etc. are. I have some sympathy for the idea that creating
> bogus entries in the catalog would make some tools happier, but I think
> it would be better if the tools were fixed.

Thanks Norman for the explanations! Much appreciated.

Yes, I agree, the tools should be fixed if they don't follow the spec. So if I 
understand you right, you would consider that behavior in xmlcatalog as a bug, 
right? Is this behavior even in sync with the spec?

I can open a bug for xmlcatalog once you can confirm that.


  Thomas Schraitle

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