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docstandards-interop-tech message

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Subject: Doc standards interop agenda

Develop schedule and assign work items based on scenario analysis:

Michael Priestley
IBM DITA Architect and Classification Schema PDT Lead
Title: Scenario analysis

Scenario analysis

Interop scenario with implied artifacts and transforms

Table 1. Scenario with artifacts and transforms
Scenario Artifacts Transforms
govt worker begins drafting a policy note in ODF about the use of personal data received via email ODF policy note  
govt worker pulls in the text of the relevant statute, which is in a DITA specialization DITA statute, DITA statute specialization DITA2ODF
govt worker pulls in the instructions on how to include the text of the disclaimer in emails, from an email software support Website written in DocBook DocBook instructions (email software docs - instructions) DocBook2ODF
technical author 1, using DITA, creates an internal policy and procedures website DITA concept, task, reference (policies and procedures)  
and pulls in text from the DocBook email software documentation DocBook section (email software docs - security guidelines?) DocBook2DITA
and pulls in the legal text from a DITA specialization DITA legal doc, DITA legal specialization  
and pulls in the relevant section of the policy note, written in ODF   ODF2DITA
technical author 2, using DocBook, creates a customized version of the email software documentation DocBook chapters and sections  
and pulls in portions of the procedures web site, in the form of DITA topics and ODF policy notes   DITA2DocBook, ODF2DocBook
as the policy changes, or the email software changes, or the statute itself changes, all the references can be updated simply by rebuilding/republishing the content, since all reuse is by reference not by copy-and-paste    

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