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Subject: Fw: Minutes of 2006/08/31 call, need volunteers for work items

This is where I realize I only sent this to myself - gah. Hoist by my own reply default.

Apologies to everyone, I'll propose the next call for Thursday Sept 28th, 1 PM EDT (5 PM UT).

Please take a look at the attached and reply to me if there are work items you're interested in.

Thanks, and again sorry for the mixup.

Michael Priestley
IBM DITA Architect and Classification Schema PDT Lead

----- Forwarded by Michael Priestley/Toronto/IBM on 09/19/2006 09:58 AM -----
Michael Priestley/Toronto/IBM

08/31/2006 02:51 PM

Michael Priestley/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA
Minutes of 2006/08/31 call, need volunteers for work itemsLink

In attendance:
- jirka kosek - docbook
- don day - dita
- don harbison - odf
- robert anderson - dita
- nancy harrison - dita/docbook
- michael priestley - dita

We discussed the scenario and the work it implies to have a fully functioning proof of concept. We are looking for volunteers for each artifact/set of content and transform that currently has a (?) next to it:

The timeline is fairly brisk - I think we need the samples completed by end of September to hit our conference dates in November and December. Here's a strawman schedule, comments welcome:

Finally, we need a recurring meeting - how about every second Thursday, starting Thursday Sept 14th, at 1 PM EDT (5 PM UT)?

Michael Priestley
IBM DITA Architect and Classification Schema PDT Lead
Title: Scenario analysis

Scenario analysis

Interop scenario with implied artifacts and transforms

Table 1. Scenario with artifacts and transforms
Scenario Artifacts Transforms
govt worker begins drafting a policy note in ODF about the use of personal data received via email ODF policy note (Don Harbison)  
govt worker pulls in the text of the relevant statute, which is in a DITA specialization DITA statute (?) , DITA statute specialization (Michael Priestley) DITA2ODF (Michael Priestley) (consider chaining dita2html>html2odf)
govt worker pulls in the instructions on how to include the text of the disclaimer in emails, from an email software support Website written in DocBook DocBook instructions (email software docs - instructions) (?) DocBook2ODF (Exists)
technical author 1, using DITA, creates an internal policy and procedures website DITA concept, task, reference (policies and procedures) (?)  
and pulls in text from the DocBook email software documentation DocBook section (email software docs - security guidelines?) (?) DocBook2DITA (Nancy Harrison) (consider chaining docbook2html>htm2dita - not good longterm because loss of semantic match)
and pulls in the legal text from a DITA specialization DITA legal doc (?), DITA legal specialization (Robert D Anderson)  
and pulls in the relevant section of the policy note, written in ODF   ODF2DITA (?) (consider chaining odf2html, html2dita)
technical author 2, using DocBook, creates a customized version of the email software documentation DocBook chapters and sections (?)  
and pulls in portions of the procedures web site, in the form of DITA topics and ODF policy notes   DITA2DocBook (exists - proof of concept), ODF2DocBook (exists)
as the policy changes, or the email software changes, or the statute itself changes, all the references can be updated simply by rebuilding/republishing the content, since all reuse is by reference not by copy-and-paste    
Title: Document standards interop schedule

Document standards interop schedule

Strawman schedule for work items

Table 1. Schedule of milestones
Event Date
Complete presentation slides with scenario documented 2006 Sept 15
Complete artifacts/content samples 2006 Sept 30
Collect/chain existing transforms 2006 October 15
Complete demo script and automate transforms 2006 October 30
DITA Europe 2006 Nov 2-3
Fill gaps in transform logic 2006 Nov 15
XML 2006 2006 Dec 5-7
Improve transforms to preserve selected semantics Spring 2007

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