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Subject: Potential speakers/participants

Dear Dee,
>Thank you very much for your email and invitation to demonstrate our
>It is honour to present:
>   1. our Association
>   2. the activities of the Association
>   3. RSOE Havaria Information Service
>For these we kindly ask how much time we have. For our demonstration we
>only need internet access and one or two PC-s and/or laptops.
>The presenters will be
>   1. Zsolt Böszörményi - Head of RSOE Havaria
>   2. Róbert Rafael - Deputy Secretary-General
>For further information we are always open to contact.
>Best regards,
>Robert Rafael [mailto:robert.rafael@rsoe.hu]

<Eliot> If you wish to do so, I would recommend having them in the same
session with Efraim Petel although with less time.

2. From: efraim Petel [mailto:efraimp@pacbell.net] 
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 1:38 AM
To: 'Dee Schur'
Cc: 'Efraim Petel'
Subject: RE: Invitation to the ''Workshop and Demonstration of Advances in
ICT Standards for Public Warning' 

Dear Dee,
Thank you for the information. I would like to use the opportunity to speak
about "Multi hazards - Multi tools CAP based Alert and Warning System". A
few implementations will be used as the basis for the presentation: 1. The
California Statewide Emergency Digital Information Service, which includes
digital Emergency Alert System. 2. Industrial in-plant CAP based warning
system, as implemented in a metal processing plant in California 3. The
Contra Costa County, CA Community Warning System with local refineries and
chemical plants 4. Community Warning System around a nuclear facility.
Please let me know if the above tie in the workshop schedule as the
organizers anticipated. With best regards, Efraim Petel Hormann America,

*3. I have confirmation from Jack Hayes accepting our invitation to be a
keynote speaker. 


4. Bo Bergner,
> I have identified a potential speaker for the joint EWS workshop, it
> Mr Bo Bergner from the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency.
> He has been following the developments on the Tampere Convention and 
> could give us a 15 min update on that.
> This could fit into sessions 2 or 4, I think, on 20 October.I confirm that
we would like you to speak on the Tampere Convention in the morning of 20
October at the workshop on Advances in ICT standards for public warning.

5. Patricio Berenal of UNESCO as Chairman for Session on Friday morning.**IS

6. I think it would be a very good idea to invite Chip Hines of the DHS 
>Disaster Management program to be a speaker at the Geneva workshop.  I 
>am not sure he would be able to attend but he should be invited.  The 
>DM program has been a key to facilitating the work of the EM-TC and 
>should have the opportunity to speak. **NOT CONFIRMED**

7. Art Botterell:
Dee -

Might I offer a presentation on something like "Origins and  
Principles of a Common Alerting Protocol"?  Alternatively, I could  
present on how one jurisdiction (Contra Costa County in California)  
is managing a complex multi-hazard, multi-medium public warning  
system using CAP.

It's possible I might also be able to participate in the interop if  
the fees aren't too steep.

- Art

8. Hi Dee, basically, I would like to attend this workshop, but am now  
low on travel funds this year (as usual, more events
than $ ;-)  Are there any sources I can tap into for this event that  
you know of from OASIS and/or ITU?

We have done some very interesting modeling (UML) and representation  
(XML) work for both Cyclone warnings (ie Hurricanes
in your part of the world) and now Tsunami warnings (based on Pacific  
Wave 06 Exercises). We have also developed
a "simple" EDXL service for sending CAP (and the above Cyclone and  
Tsunami) messages.

Dr Renato Iannella
Program Leader
National ICT Australia (NICTA) -  Queensland Research Laboratory Level 19,
300 Adelaide St, Brisbane, QLD, 4000 AUSTRALIA
P: +61 7 3000 0484 F: +61 7 3000 0480 M: +61 4 1313 2206
<renato@nicta.com.au> <http://nicta.com.au> <aim:renatoi2003>  

9. Checking with a company now..... 

Don Miller
Telecommunications and Warning Systems Manager
Emergency Management Division
(253) 512-7035 Office
(253) 405-9446 Cellular

10. This is helpful Carol, thanks. The name from 2003 will definitely help
in terms of my knowing which depts were involved. What I can do with the
info from you is essentially open the door for a direct invitation from
you/ITU and you can take it from there. The folks in disasters/early
warning/communicable diseases are much in demand lately for obvious reasons
and need to make an informed decision as to whether they can participate,
and whom to send. Regardless of my opinion (positive)- the more UN, less
vendor-driven, the better the chances. Talk to you soon. Joan 

Dr Joan Dzenowagis
Project Manager
World Health Organization
20 Ave Appia
CH-1211 Geneva 27

tel.      +41 (22) 791-2504
fax     +41 (22) 791-4292
eMail  dzenowagisj@who.int

11. Jeanne - ESRI

At 12:35 PM 7/19/2006, Jeanne Foust wrote:
> Hi Eliot:
>We plan on attending. Maybe sponsoring/having a booth.  Right now we 
>are in the midddle of UC prep and will make those decision shortly 
>after UC in early August.  Is that too late for you?
>Jeanne Foust - ESRI

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