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dsaw-program message

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I don't suggest Bill instead of Chip.  I think Chip wants to if he 
can get approval. Elysa

At 12:16 PM 8/7/2006, Dee Schur wrote:
>I've invited Chip but were you suggesting Bill Kalin as a substitute for
>Chip? Was Chip not interested?
>The Only problem with Don Miller is funding issues?
>Also if we do this "I would not have a separately designated "Question and
>Answer" slot in the 9:00 session on October 20. (Each slot should have its
>own Q&A.) The session should just end at 10:20." Isn't that a long break
>with lunch right around the corner?
>What about 'tentatively' adding Renato at 10:20-10:40? I'll try to find
>money from a sponsor (any ideas) to help him come?? His story is very
>Dee Schur
>Member Support
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Eliot Christian [mailto:echristian@usgs.gov]
>Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2006 8:41 AM
>To: Dee Schur; 'Patrick Gannon'; richard.hill@itu.int; xiaoya.yang@itu.int;
>'Carol Cosgrove-Sacks'; ejones@warningsystems.com; simao.campos@itu.int;
>At 10:22 AM 8/4/2006, Dee Schur wrote:
> >Hello,
> >Please scrutinize closely as we have made many changes. Also, look at
> >potential speakers at bottom. After your feedback, we will begin posting
> >agenda with bios, photos and set titles.
> >Please be prepared to formalize this schedule on our Tuesday call.
>I would recommend to move Efraim Petel to the slot currently designated for
>Admiral Lautenbacher, and change his organizational association to the
>parent company, Hoermann Gmbh, which is German. In support of the
>organizational change, here's a note from Efraim:
>At 09:37 PM 3/23/2006, Efraim Petel wrote:
> >Hello Eliot,
> >The idea is great. My contacts with Europe shows that they are behind in
> >this aspect and having the venue there is the right step. [...]
> >Our parent company, Hoermann Gmbh, would definetly join as well.
> >http://www.hoermann-gmbh.de/
> >With best regards,
> >Efraim Petel
> >Hormann America, Inc.
>My thinking here is that this company has long experience in implementing
>CAP and impressive examples of CAP implementations. His presentation would
>be a nice transition from the relatively abstract keynote and policy
>background material to the Interoperability Demonstrations that follow
>immediately afterward.
>Between 9:30 and 11:30 on October 19, I think we should have equal time (20
>minutes) for each of the speaking slots (except that the Welcome has two
>10-minute speakers, Houlin Zhou followed by Patrick Gannon). I think we can
>also schedule just a 10 minute break here, noting that at his point, people
>have only been sitting for 40 minutes, so the break need not be long. The
>starting times would then be as follows: 9:30 (Zhou and Gannon), 9:50
>(Hayes), 10:10 (break), 10:20 (Bergner), 10:40 (Jones or Rutkowski), 11:10
>(Petel), 11:30 (Demonstrations).
>You have Chip Hines listed for the session at 14:20 on October 19. I thought
>that Chip had substituted Bill Kalin?
>For the session at 14:40 on October 19, "Impact of CAP Deployment in
>Communications Networks", I would recommend to use Declan Ganley of Rivada
>Having no response from Patricio Bernal, I would suggest to have Dr. Carol
>to be Chairman of the 9:00 session on October 20. I would also suggest to
>have Don Miller substitute for IOC in this session.
>I would not have a separately designated "Question and Answer" slot in the
>9:00 session on October 20. (Each slot should have its own Q&A.) The session
>should just end at 10:20.
>For the session starting at 14:00 on October 20, I would suggest that we
>stick with 20 minutes per slot and not have an overall Q&A slot. If Petel
>will have been moved to October 19, we would have four speaking slots so the
>session would end at 15:20.

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