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dsaw-program message

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Subject: Letters to Speakers - IMPORTANT

I am sending the updated programme (many changes). As you can see we still
have many holes, please work to get commitments or find replacements as this
will effect my ability to find sponsors.
I am asking Jane to send confirmation letters to the following folks so we
can get their bios and photos on the website:

Houlin Zhao, Director, ITU Standardization Sector (will receive from

Patrick Gannon, President and CEO, OASIS

Jack Hayes JHayes@wmo.int (Have bio but need photo)

Bo Bergner - Bo.Bergner@pts.se

Elysa - Have info and photo

Art Botterell - [acb@incident.com]

Eliot Christian - Eliot Christian [echristian@usgs.gov]

Tony Rutkowski - Verisign - trutkowski@verisign.com

Efraim Petel - Hoermann Gmbh - [efraimp@pacbell.net]

Róbert Rafael [robert.rafael@rsoe.hu] and Zsolt Boszormenyi

Thank you!!
Dee Schur
Member Support

Working Programme8-4ds.xls

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