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dsaw-program message

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Subject: Minutes and Responsibilities

Here are notes and new programme, I've increased some of the breaks and Q &
A. So, if you would be kind enough to scrutinize that would be helpful.

Speaker follow-up:

Chip Hines looks good - Elysa thinks a few more weeks

ASIA possibilities:

www.glidenumber.net - Patrick to follow-up

www.adpc.net - Dee

www.adrrn.net - Dee

US Geological Survey:

David Green (Tsunami) part of NOAA - Eliot

FEMA has confirmed sponsorship for Don Miller but wait for proper channels -

Ren Hoover(?) - Eliot to follow-up 

Replace Patricio with someone from International Red Cross/Doctors without
Borders - Dr. Carol, (I have many contacts with DWB but they are all on the
ground in MASH type units, they don't get a lot of PW - dee)

UN/ISDR OR UN/OCHA Speaker - TBD - Dr. Carol is optimistic about a speaker
here. Dee sent an email to UN/ISDR Speaker - Reid Basher
<reid.basher@un.org>, Dee sent email 8/08/06 to speak in Dr. Carol's

OR replace Patricio with Reuters- Alert Net - Chris Harper (implementing
CAP) -Dee sent initial email, Eliot to follow-up.

Working Programme8-15.xls

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