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dsaw-program message

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Subject: UN-OCHA speakers for joint ITU-OASIS Workshop

Dear Richard and colleagauess,

I have just received a call from Mr Cherif Ghaly, Head of ICT at OCHA, 
confirming that Mr Thomas Peter would be available to talk about the UN 
experiences with public warning, especially GDACS. In addition, Mr 
Alfred Gilman would be interested to speak briefly about the Tampere 
Convention - Mr Ghaly said that OCHA is the Operational Coordinator for 

In view of the fact that this is the UN, it was thought best if you 
could send an invitation from ITU, please. We had foreseen OCHA in the 
Friday morning session.

(I am still waiting to hear from ISDR and from the Red Cross Federation, 
both of whom were positive on the telephone but had to confirm later in 
the week)

DEE, OCHA also asked if it would be possible to have a demo screen for 
GDACS? Do we have space? Could you discuss this with Richard, please.

Kindly note that I am now going to UK on family business and I will not 
be able to read OASIS email before next Monday 4th.

Best regards,

Dr Carol

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