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Subject: RE: UN-OCHA speakers for joint ITU-OASIS Workshop


Thanks, but regarding the Tampere Convention, we have already confirmed
a speaker, and this quite some time ago.  It is Bo Bergen.  So please
inform OCHA that we will not require a speaker from them for this topic.

Thanks and best,

Richard Hill
Counsellor, ITU-T SG2
International Telecommunication Union
Place des Nations
CH-1211 Geneva 20
tel: +41 22 730 5887
FAX: +41 22 730 5853
Email: richard.hill@itu.int
Study Group 2 email: tsbsg2@itu.int

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Carol Cosgrove-Sacks
> Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 22:48 PM
> To: Hill, Richard; dsaw-program@lists.oasis-open.org; Dee Schur
> Subject: UN-OCHA speakers for joint ITU-OASIS Workshop
> Dear Richard and colleagauess,
> I have just received a call from Mr Cherif Ghaly, Head of ICT at OCHA,
> confirming that Mr Thomas Peter would be available to talk about the
> experiences with public warning, especially GDACS. In addition, Mr
> Alfred Gilman would be interested to speak briefly about the Tampere
> Convention - Mr Ghaly said that OCHA is the Operational Coordinator
> this.
> In view of the fact that this is the UN, it was thought best if you
> could send an invitation from ITU, please. We had foreseen OCHA in the
> Friday morning session.
> (I am still waiting to hear from ISDR and from the Red Cross
> both of whom were positive on the telephone but had to confirm later
> the week)
> DEE, OCHA also asked if it would be possible to have a demo screen for
> GDACS? Do we have space? Could you discuss this with Richard, please.
> Kindly note that I am now going to UK on family business and I will
> be able to read OASIS email before next Monday 4th.
> Best regards,
> Dr Carol

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