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Subject: Re: [dsaw-program] Final programme for printing

At 05:14 PM 10/9/2006, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>This is your last chance to eyeball programme before going to print.

Here are some copy edit suggestions:

I would use "normal, italic" typeface instead of "bold, italic" typeface for each of the lines naming the Session Chairs. Also, I would suggest using the terms "Chair" and "Chairs" rather than "Chairman" and "Chairmen" to avoid the gender bias and to be consistent with what is already at "Workshop Co-Chairs".

It is, of course, common practice to expand an acronym when first used. This would apply to "ITU-T", "ARCEP", "WMO", "OCHA", and "UNESCO". I don't know whether we should expand "ETSI", "EMTEL", and "RSOE". I don't think we need to expand "UN" or "US".

At the Opening Session, we should use the full name (with diacritics) for Marie-Therese, the same as a few lines up at the "Workshop Co-Chairs". 

Insert line break after "OASIS Welcome" to put speaker on next line

At the title for the presentation by Jack Hayes, boldface the word "Keynote" and insert a space, a dash, and another space.

In Session 1A, we should be consistent in giving the affiliation for Art and Elysa. Where referenced as Session Chairs, I would suggest "Elysa Jones and Art Botterell, OASIS Emergency Management Technical Committee". For their respective presentations, I would leave Art as is and make Elysa's read:  "Elysa Jones, Warning Systems".

Also in Session 1A, I would remove the first "ITU-T" in the title of the third presentation.

In Session 1B, change capitalization from "THOUVENOT" to "Thouvenot". Also, I would delete "Dr." and "Scientist -", expand "Org." to "Organization" and insert a space before "National Epidemic"

For Ashbindu Signh, insert a comma after "Environment Programme"

For Gordon Gow, change " - " to a comma.

In Session 2, at Peter Koltermann, insert a comma after "Head" and insert a comma after "Commission". 

Session 3 has three different names. I would suggest just calling it "Birds-of-a-Feather Meeting Opportunities". I would further suggest that we do not list "Suggested Topics".

At Session 4, the Session title line should be bold typeface.

The title of the presentation by Tony Rutkowski should not be given in all capitals. 

At the Closing Panel,  change "Session #1 (part #1)" to "Session 1A", change "Session # 1 (part #2)" to "Session 1B" and remove all of the other "#" number signs.

Also in the Closing Panel, make "Question and Answer Period" the same as all others, i.e., "Question and Answer Period - Session Chair" in bold typeface.

I also have a question: Should we include a line about a related session on "Cell Broadcast" being convened by Mark Wood on Thursday evening:

At 04:09 AM 10/9/2006, Mark Wood wrote:
>I have been granted the option to hold a "Working Group on Cell Broadcast Harmonisation" meeting in the ITU building after the main sessions on thrusday 19th, evening. I will chair that session. I warmly invite any interested parties to attend.


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