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Subject: [dsml-comment] DSMLv2 server identification


I had a question regarding how an LDAPv2-capable server would advertise 
it's availability or existence to a potential LDAPv2 client?  Using 
LDAPv3, there is
a recent DHCP configuration parameter for the network to inform clients 
of one
or more LDAP URLs that should be used. What I am looking for is the 
first part
of this equation, which is something similar to a URL scheme for the 
binding of DSMLv2 over SOAP, as spec'd in section 6 of the 12/18/2001 

I understand that since the particular binding in question uses SOAP, 
that it might
be possible to advertise this via UDDI or some other mechanism, but for 
particular application, this seems like overkill.  Just having the 
network indicate
available LDAP/DSMLv2 servers via URL(s) would be easier. I didn't see 
any definition
of a particular URL scheme that references the particular DSMLv2 over 
SOAP mapping.

Is someone working on a such a definition, or is there another 
documented deployment scenario that indicates an alternative?


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