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Subject: Major new use of DSML / Guidance requested



The US Government Office of the National Coordinator (part of the Health and Human Services agenda) is collaborating with the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) USA and the USA nation-wide health information network (called the eHealth Exchange) on a new specification that leverages DSML that is targeting a new national deployment based on DSML.  We’ve been piloting DSML as adopted by IHE’s Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) profile and have found some apparent gaps that are preventing DSML from being used for a large-scale deployment. 


I scanned the email archives for DSML before posting this message and I didn’t see that the issues were addressed or discussed previously.


I have two key questions for this group:


1)      Is DSML still actively being maintained by OASIS?

2)      Would members of the DSML community be available to provide some feedback and guidance on the identified gaps and the approach we are considering taking?


Thank you for your consideration.


Kind regards,

Eric Heflin



Eric Heflin, CTO
Texas Health Services Authority

San Jacinto Building

221 E. 9th | Suite 201 | Austin, Texas 78701

512.814.0321 (o)

512.897.0748 (m)

www.hietexas.org | www.thsa.org

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