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Subject: Re-energizing DSML 2.0

For those of you who haven't already heard, Novell recently decided to
donate their work on DirXML to this DSML TC to help re-energize work on 2.

In an email following this, I will send the DirXML DTDs.

I will also send a DTD developed by Access360 for a language called DAML for
doing directory access.

I also believe Microsoft is has a proposal they would like to put forward
for DSML 2.0

I would also like to remind people of Christin Tomlinson's recent post about
iPlanet's XMLDAP Gateway available at

The up-shot of all this is I think we are in an excellent position to get
back to work on DSML. 

I would like everyone on this list to review and comment on DirXML, DAML,
Microsoft's proposal (when posted) and XMLDAP Gateway.

I would also like to call for a volunteer to put together and maintain an
internal document outlining the similarities and differences between each of
the proposals which can form the basis for discussion. Anyone?

Once discussion reaches a suitable level, we'll recommence teleconference
calls and think about a face-to-face. What do people think?


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