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dss-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: arm@dif.um.es


Some time ago I sent an e-mail with some comments but I don't remember if I used this channel or not. I think I put several comments but now I only remember one. Anyway, I send another time my comment.
I'm working with the specification and developing a web service based on it. I have a comment about it. In the section 4.3.1 (Multiple-Signature Verification) it is said that it can be serveral ds:Signature elements. However, in the oasis schema the signature object is like this
<xs:element name="SignatureObject">
     <xs:element ref="ds:Signature"/>
      <xs:element ref="dss:Timestamp"/>
      <xs:element ref="dss:Base64Signature"/>
      <xs:element ref="dss:SignaturePtr"/>
      <xs:any processContents="lax"/>
     <xs:element name="DTD" type="xs:base64Binary" minOccurs="0"/>
With this specification it is only possible to put a ds:Signature. Is this a mistake or the additional signatures should be place in the Optional Inputs?
I think it could be resolved with 
<xs:sequence maxoccurs="unbounded"> or   <xs:choice maxoccurs="unbounded">

I would like to know your opinion,
Thanks for your attention,

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