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dss-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: scabre@ac.upc.edu

Name: Sergi Cabre
Title: Telecomunications Engineer
Organization: UPC


Reading DSS Core draft we found a problem when describing result codes:

In section 4.4, the result code ValidSignature_NotAllDocuments is
described as "The signature or timestamp is valid. However, the
signature or timestampt does not cover all of the input documents that
were passed in by the client". This means that this code should be
returned if client sends, for instance, two input documents and the
given signature only covers one of them.
However, in section 4.3, while describing the process to verify XML
signatures, the last paragraph of step 1 says that
ValidSignature_NotAllDocuments should be returned if there is a
ds:Reference using a full URI and the corresponding input document is
not present.

I think that these are two diferent situations, so maybe should be
noticed to the client using two diferent result codes.


Juan Carlos and Sergi 

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