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Subject: Regarding Specification: DSS Core Committee Draft 3 (DSS Core Elements)

Dear Inma

Thank you for your question, we appreciate you taking time to provide 

The core DSS signing and verifying protocols define an extensive set of 
combinations/permutations of message request/response pairs. This 
flexibility introduces a potential interoperability issue as it is 
unlikely that a particular client and server pairing will be able to 
agree on the appropriate interpretation of all of the different possible 
messages. To address this issue, the core protocols are profiled to meet 
particular implementation scenarios believed to represent most relevant 
DSS applications. Profiles pick and choose which optional inputs and 
outputs to support, and can introduce their own optional inputs and 
outputs when they need functionality not anticipated by the core 
specification. In addition, they also may govern how clients and servers 
should behave when using these protocols and the types of signatures 
used with these protocols.

Even when a client-server interaction is made using a certain profile 
implementation, the server still has certain degree of freedom as for 
the selection of certain features that may be selected within the 
profile. Some examples may be digest/signature algorithms, ways of 
combining elements within a generated signature to achieve a specific 
goal –such as binding the signing certificate to a signature , 
transformations that the server may decide to apply to documents before 
being signed, etc. The collection of the specific parameters that are 
required for in a signature creation / verification request that is 
supported by an implementation of a profile, constitute the service policy.

Nick Pope /Juan Carlos co-chair OASIS Digital Signature Services

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