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Subject: DSS - Various References to CMS

Dear public,

the following comment from the discussions of the TC shall be hereby 
made available to the public during puplic comment period.

Comment by Nick Pope:
The OASIS Core and other profiles specifications reference a range of
different versions of the IETF Cryptographic Message Syntax:

Core references RFC 3369 and RFC 3852, including in 7.1.4
urn:ietf::3369 as the object ID for CMS type signatures.

AdES profile references 3852 but uses urn:ietf::3369

The EPM and the signature gateway profile references 3369 alone.

Proposed Resolution

It is proposed that the urn to identify CMS type signatures is kept as 
is (urn:ietf::3369).  The core is updated to reference 3852, 3369 and 
previous releases of CMS.  And make it clear that the "urn:ietf::3369" 
is used to indicate a CMS message as specified in RFC 3852 or RFC 3369 
or any version (including PKCS #7).


Stefan Drees, Editor DSS Core Draft.


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