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Subject: Re: DSS-Comments (Multiple signature verification, verification report and fixed request/response type)

Dear Detlef Huehnlein,

Thanks very much for your comment.

Item 1

The note in 4.3.1 which current states "Multiple signature on multiple
documents is not supported." Should be changed to:

"The procedures for handling Multiple signature on multiple documents are
not defined in this Core specification, but however such procedures, along
with any optional elements that may be required, may be defined in profiles
of this specification."

Item 2

As suggested a more structured verification report output could be added in
a profile.

Item 3.

We will consider this suggestion as part of the future work of DSS.


Nick Pope

Subject: DSS-Comments (Multiple signature verification, verification report
and fixed request/response type)

From: "Huehnlein, Detlef" <Detlef.Huehnlein@secunet.com> 
To: <dss-comment@lists.oasis-open.org> 
Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 00:53:11 +0100 


Dear DSS-team,

first of all I would like to beg your pardon that 
I was not able to send the comments during your regular
public review period.  

We are currently working on a project for the 
German government, which aims at specifying a universal
framework for using smart cards and related cryptographic 
functions like the generation and verification of 
electronic signatures for example. As our framework is
based on webservice interfaces, we would like to make
use of the DSS-core profile or the XAdES-profile (or define a 
specific profile which fits our needs). While most parts 
of the current DSS-core-draft seem to be very well designed
(congratulations!) and DSS hence has the potential 
to become widely used in practice, there are a few points,
which (from our point of view) seem to provide serious limitations,
which seemingly can not be fixed by profiles based on the 
core standard. 

1. Multiple signature verification
In section 4.3.1 you note that you do NOT support multiple
signatures on multiple documents. Why? 

A) Multiple signatures
From our point of view it seems to be very important to support 
multiple signatures (and timestamps) in one document, especially 
if one thinks about aspects of long term archival of signed documents.

B) Multiple documents
In batch scenarios (e.g. for eGovernment or eBilling purposes)
it is necessary to be able to verify very many signatures in a 
very short period of time and hence is desirable to feed multiple 
documents to a verification server in a single request. 

Due to your (seemingly artificial) limitation in section 4.3.1 it 
does not seem possible to realize both requirements simultaneously. For the
sake of generality of the core standard this does not seem 
to be a very good solution. 

2. Verification report

Closely related with this point is the fact that your 
<ProcessingDetails> consist of a flat structure grouped 
"valid", "indeterminate" and "invalid". If you would like
to verify a batch of signatures and you would like to have a 
closer look at the in{valid/determinate} signatures you would need to
search the entire structure in order to extract all errors and
warnings for a specific signature, which will be rather cumbersome
if the batch sizes are large or there are multiple signatures per
document. For such usage scenarios it would seem to be better to 
have some sort of structured verification report for a single 
signature. Is it possible for a profile to redefine the 

3. Request / Response Type
A last point is that you probable should think about the possibility that 
profiles based on the core standard are able to redefine the basic 
request- and response-types such that it is possible to use some 
DSS-profile as part of larger webservice-infrastructures in which the 
request- and response-types are fixed (and probably not identical to the 
ones specified in the DSS-core). 

It would be nice if you would decide to think about the comments
above and let me know what happens with the suggested points. 

Best regards,
   Detlef Huehnlein

Dipl. Inform. (FH)
Dr. rer. nat. Detlef Hühnlein
secunet Security Networks AG
96247 Michelau
Telefon +49 9571 896479
Mobil   +49 171  9754980

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