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Subject: DSS-X

Dear DSS committee,

I would like to propose an extension to DSS which could nicely fit in DSS-X. 
I'm currently working on an encryption service which basically has the same 
requirements as DSS, except that its purpose is to encrypt rather than to 
sign. The request/response schemata are nearly finished, if you don't mind I 
would propose them to the TC in order to have some more discussion on it. I 
don't think there are any IPR issues at all, but I will recheck.

Probably, this encryption service is rather an amendment to DSS than an 
extension, however, I am pursuaded there is some need for standardisation in 
this domain as well.

Clemens Orthacker
Clemens Orthacker  A-SIT, Graz University of Technology
Inffeldgasse 16a, 8010 Graz, Austria
Tel: +43 316 873 5512         Web: http://www.a-sit.at/

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