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Subject: FW: ICTSB: FW: eSignatures Standardisation Survey

The following survey may be of interest to the audience of this mailing list.

From: Gerd Ochel [mailto:Gerd.Ochel@ETSI.ORG]
Sent: 21 May 2007 08:06
Subject: ICTSB: FW: eSignatures Standardisation Survey

Dear ICTSB member,
You may remember that the ICTSB with its WG EESSI was deeply involved in the standardization of some CEN and ETSI deliverables on eSignature.
Please have a look at www.esstandardisation.eu .
If needed, the Commission could provide further information during the next meeting.
There is always an agenda item for the Commission.
Yours sincerely,

Gerd Ochel
European Telecommunications Standards Institute
European Co-ordination Officer
Tel: +33 (0)4 92 94 42 47
Fax: +33 (0)4 93 65 47 16
e-mail: gerd.ochel@etsi.org


From: Olivier Delos :: SEALED [mailto:olivier.delos@sealed.be]
Sent: 16 May 2007 19:41
To: Gerd Ochel; luc.vandenberghe@cen.eu
Cc: 'Sylvie Lacroix'
Subject: eSignatures Standardisation Survey



We are currently conducting a study on the eSignatures standardisation aspects under a contract with the European Commission.

This study includes an online survey aiming to establish objective findings reflecting the market needs in this area.


We would kindly request you to help us to make the announcement of the launch of this online survey to the European IT community.


Would it be possible for you:


  1. to either help us to disseminate such information to the ETSI, CEN, ICTSB community through inclusion of the following text and link in relevant newsletters or mailings:


For the European Commission, SEALED, DLA Piper and Across Communications are currently conducting a Public Survey on eSignatures standardisation aspects. This online survey aims to establish objective findings reflecting the market needs in this area. We urge you not to miss this opportunity to make your own contribution to a revamped eSignatures standardisation scheme for Europe. www.esstandardisation.eu


  1. and/or to have the same (or similar) text or one of the attached banners placed on the related CEN, ICTSB, EESSI, ETSI websites as you find appropriate for the diffusion of the launch of such an online survey using the same link www.esstandardisation.eu .


Thanks a lot in advance for your contribution and support,


Best regards,



Olivier Delos





Olivier Delos, CISSP, CISA

Managing Partner



Mobile: +32 4 77 78 79 74             
email: olivier.delos@sealed.be  

web: www.sealed.be





The contents of this e-mail and any attachments are confidential to the intended recipients. They may not be disclosed to or used by or copied in any way by anyone other than the intended recipient. If this e-mail is received in error, please contact SEALED sprl on olivier.delos@sealed.be, quoting the name of the sender and the e-mail address to which it has been sent and then delete it.


Please note that neither SEALED sprl, nor the sender accept any responsibility for viruses as it is your responsibility to scan or otherwise check this e-mail and any attachments.


SEALED is a limited liability company (sprl) registered in Belgium, under the number 0876.866.142. A list of members is open for inspection at its registered office and principal place of business, 12 rue de la Paix, 7500 Tournai, Belgium.


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