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Subject: DSSX: Charter submitted to OASIS and to be commented

Dear all,

I copy below the charter for the DSSX as submitted to OASIS. OASIS has 
now started a comment period among their members, and those of you that 
are OASIS members will have received the notification email. Details on 
what will come next may be found in the OASIS website "Policies and 
Procedures" -> "Technical Committee Process".


Juan Carlos Cruellas.


(1)(a) TC NAME:
OASIS Digital Signature Services eXtended (DSS-X) Technical Committee

This Technical Committee has as its mandate production of new profiles of the
existing OASIS Digital Signature Services core protocol "Digital Signature
Service Core Protocols, Elements, and Bindings Version 1.0" and maintenance of
this specification and its existing profiles. If at a later date it becomes
clear that a new version of DSS is necessary then this may be produced by the

This further includes promotion of the standard and the creation of material
helping dissemination. In general terms, the TC has the goal to facilitate the
processing of digital signatures and time stamps in a client server environment.

The scope of activity for this TC will be within the following topics:

a. Support of the server-based creation and verification of different types of
signatures, among which the most relevant ones are XML Sig and CMS, and
timestamps, both RFC 3161 and the XML time-stamps defined by the OASIS Digital
Signature Services (DSS) TC.

b. Production of new profiles suitable for a number of environments and
purposes, which spread the usage of the specifications.

c. Production of an analysis of inter-relationship among existing profiles in a
matrix where new profiles shall state their relationship to existing ones.

d. Production of dissemination material for promoting usage and facilitating
tools development.

e. Maintenance of the existing OASIS DSS standard and core protocol "Digital
Signature Service Core Protocols, Elements, and Bindings Version 1.0" and
related profiles produced by the former OASIS Digital Signature Services
Technical Committee, subject to appropriate access to underlying intellectual

Below follows the list of generic deliverables (estimated completion Q4 2008):
a. New DSS Profiles

b. Further Interoperability tests

c. Cross Matrix for existing profiles showing their inter-relationship 

d. WSDL definition for the DSS soap bindings 

e. Maintenance of "Digital Signature Service Core Protocols, Elements, and
Bindings Version 1.0"

f. Maintenance of existing Profiles

Below follows the list of candidate new profiles:
a. Visible signatures

b. Profile for ebXML

c. Profile for individual reports on every signature verified in multi-signature

d. Profile for requesting signed verification responses 

e. "baseline" profiles 

f. Handling of signature & service policy

(1)(e) Specification of the IPR Mode under which the TC will operate.
RF on Limited Terms.

(1)(f) The anticipated audience or users of the work.
Anticipated audience or users of the work include:
- Applications requiring digital signatures

- Companies requiring centralized electronic signature generation solutions in
place (e-Invoice in Europe for instance).

- Companies offering signing, time stamping and verification as a service (ASP

- Trusted Service Providers of more or less closed communities offering
centralized electronic signatures verification services.

- Public Administrations launching e-Identity initiatives.

- Public Administrations and private companies doing Government-Business
Electronic Commerce.

- Public Administrations agencies exchanging signed documents.
Participants in Exchange Processes, where signed documents are to be exchanged,
archived and/or retrieved.

(1)(g) The language in which the TC shall conduct business.

(2) Non-normative information regarding the startup of the TC:

(2)(a) Identification of similar or applicable work that is being done in other
OASIS TCs or by other organizations, why there is a need for another effort in
this area and how this proposed TC will be different, and what level of liaison
will be pursued with these other organizations.

Many efforts related to digital signatures and related technologies are underway
throughout the industry. The following work may be relevant to this OASIS
Digital Signature Services Profiles TC:

OASIS Digital Signature Service TC (DSS) [closed] 

OASIS Access Control TC (XACML) 

OASIS Rights Language TC (XrML) [closed] 

OASIS Security Services TC (SAML) 

OASIS Web Services Security TC (WSSTC) [completed] 

OASIS Election and Voter Services TC 

OASIS LegalXML eNotarization TC 

OASIS LegalXML Electronic Court filing 

OASIS ebXML Registry TC 

OASIS XML Common Biometric Format TC (XCBF) [completed] 

OASIS Biometric Identity Assurance Services Integration TC (BIAS) 

OASIS Enterprise Key Management Infrastructure TC (EKMI) 

OASIS Public Key Infrastructure Adoption TC (PKIA) 

W3C XML Signature 

W3C XML Key Management 

W3C XML Encryption 

ETSI Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures Technical Committee 

ANSI X9F4 X9.95 (Trusted Time Stamps) 

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC27 and standard 

ISO/IEC 18014 

Universal Postal Union S43-2 Electronic PostMark (EPM) interface standard

The DSS specification has reached a level of maturity resulting in a raised
level of interest among the Web community. The former DSS Technical Committee
had received requests to develop profiles which are included in this charter.
Committee members had also identified a number of issues to be dealt with in the
next phase of development. It is the intent of the DSS-X TC to continue this
work. A significant number of former members have expressed their support,
ensuring critical mass to accomplish the goals set forth above.

Each of the entities listed above deal with standardization in areas closely
related to the proposed TC. It is the intention of this TC to keep informal
contacts with those whose work have an impact on its specifications. Formal
liaisons may also be established.

(2)(b) The date, time, and location of the first meeting, whether it will be
held in person or by phone, and who will sponsor this first meeting. The first
meeting of a TC shall occur no less than 30 days after the announcement of its
formation in the case of a telephone or other electronic meeting, and no less
than 45 days after the announcement of its formation in the case of a
face-to-face meeting.

First July 9th noon Eastern, 6pm CET.
ARX will be the host.

(2)(c) The projected on-going meeting schedule for the year following the
formation of the TC, or until the projected date of the final deliverable,
whichever comes first, and who will be expected to sponsor these meetings.
Initially one conference call every two weeks.

The group knows a number of companies that offer free conference calling
It is the intention of the group to make use of these services for the TC
conference calls.
This issue will be co-ordinated by the chairs of the new TC.
As a back-up alternative BEA is also willing to provide a call bridge.

(2)(d) The names, electronic mail addresses, and membership affiliations of at
least Minimum Membership who support this proposal and are committed to the
Charter and projected meeting schedule.

Ignacio Alamillo, CATCERT, ialamillo@catcert.net 

Juan Carlos Cruellas, CANET, cruellas@ac.upc.edu 

Stefan Drees, Individual, stefan@drees.name 

Julian Inza, Eurobits Technologies, julian.inza@eurobits.es 

Andreas Khuene, Individual, kuehne@klup.de 

Helbert Leithold, A-SIT, herbert.leitold@a-sit.at 

Tommy Lindbert, Dajeil, tommy.lindberg@gmail.com 

Hal Lockhart, BEA, hlockhar@bea.com 

Nick Pope, Thales, Nick.Pope@thales-esecurity.com 

Uri Resnitzky, Associate, uri@arx.com

(2)(e) The name of the Convener who must be an Eligible Person.
Juan Carlos Cruellas - CANET.

(2)(f) The name of the Member Section with which the TC intends to affiliate, if
 IDTrust proposed subject to confirmation.

(2)(g) Optionally, a list of contributions of existing technical work that the
proposers anticipate will be made to this TC.

(2)(h) Optionally, a draft Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document regarding
the planned scope of the TC, for posting on the TC's website.

(2)(i) Optionally, a proposed working title and acronym for the specification(s)
to be developed by the TC.

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