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Subject: [dss-comment] DSSX TC creation process monitoring ad hoc conferencecall. Error in date. Correct one: Monday 4th June 2007

Dear all,


There is obviously an error in my former message, namely the date of the 
conf call, which should actually Monday 4th June 2007.

See below.

Best regards and appologies for the mistake

Juan Carlos Cruellas.

Ad hoc meeting for preparing OASIS DSSX TC.
Date: Monday, 4th June 2007,
12:00pm - 01:00pm ET

Dialing details:
Dial-In number: +1-218-486-1300
Conference Bridge Number: 777196

1. Welcome (Juan Carlos Cruellas)

2. Roll call.

3. Approval of agenda

4. Approval of minutes of adhoc conf call of 2007-05-21

5. Outstanding Actions Review

6. Status of submission.

    6.1 Charter resubmitted. Open comments period.
        Notification in:

    6.2 Strategy for management of comments to the charter.
        Comments archived in:
        1. OASIS members:
            OASIS members may apply for receiving mails from this list
by subscribing in:


        2. Maybe also in the dss. public comment list

7. Need for a new ad hoc meeting?. If so 16th June 2007.

8. Any other business

9. Close

Outstanding Actions:

07-04-16-06: [chairs] : Clarification of the relationship between the
current and the forthcoming TC. Referencing or reissuing when
maintaining existing work ?

07-05-07-02: [Chairs] : Complete updating of the DSS web site / home
page before it is locked.

07-05-21-01: [Juan Carlos] : Action on Juan Carlos for updating the text
of the submission to express the idea to make use of free bridge
services, coordinated by the chairs.

07-05-21-02: [Juan Carlos] :Action on Juan Carlos, new version to be
submitted deadline (by Wednesday 23rd May)

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